18 October 2017

TdL Terminology

R.I.S.ing – Riding in Space – ie no gravity and no resistance. Jon was rising last night hence he could pump out 75KM’s

Loungist - A registered TdL Athlete. That Jon is one helluva loungist.

Tour Manager or TM - Ones loving partner meant to provide water and energy bars for those grueling late night stages. My TM sucks I want a new one.

Doing a Lance - Entering in your daily KM’s onto the website, when you haven’t actually done them. Jon definitely did a Lance last night cause I was with him until 4am.

Stacking - Stacking books under the front wheel of your stead simulating climbing a steep gradient and riding yourself into the KOM jersey.

As the tour commences there's no doubt members of the peloton will develop their own choice phrases for the events that unfold. Leave your suggestions in the comments and we will promote the best into the official vocabulary.

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